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Non-destructive testing using ultrasonic shear wave or phased array methods to collect full volumetric weld quality data

Shaw Pipeline Services technicians perform shear wave and phased array ultrasound testing to ensure code compliance of welds in various materials. Discontinuities such as cracks, inclusions and lack of fusion can be identified for comparison to the associated code standard. Ultrasonic shear wave or phased array equipment can be used to collect the information in a timely and comprehensive manner while providing an examination report.


Shaw Pipeline Services UT Shear Wave sends an ultrasonic beam into the test area at an angle. The sound wave reflects back to the transducer and the display shows the distance and strength of the ultrasonic signal, from which discontinuities and anomalies can be detected and evaluated. Shear wave ultrasound testing is primarily used for weld inspections and is ideal for detecting non-laminar anomalies.


Ultrasonic Phased Array is an advanced non-destructive testing method that produces real time S-Scans (Sectorial Scans) as well as traditional A-Scans to provide full volumetric weld quality data with heightened accuracy. Additional data collected compared to traditional inspection can be used to eliminate false calls and unnecessary repair cycles. This method is used for weld inspection, thickness measurements, corrosion inspection, and crack detection and evaluation. Compared to radiographic testing, phased array ultrasound testing does not involve the use of radiological materials while providing equivalent inspection solutions; this avoids the costly need for shutdown time and additional RT-specific safety precautions while still providing a fully traceable record of inspection.


Phased array and shear wave ultrasound transducers can be used with automated equipment to rapidly perform many examinations with a degree of consistency that is difficult to duplicate in manual inspection. Shaw Pipeline Services's North American network and fully portable systems enable our technicians to mobilize to any location and identify the weld quality with uncompromising accuracy. Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing provides the ability to save the examinations and provide post job reports, including full documentation of the examined volume. Additional advanced methods for sizing known cracks can be implemented to assist the customer in failure analysis programs.


  • Real-time images and analysis
  • Rapid and accurate reporting
  • Multiple equipment and inspection options to fit the needs of our customers
  • Experienced technicians that are Level II certified according to SNT-TC-1A standards
  • Field testing with laboratory quality
  • Reduced risk of customer’s liability with properly documented information and archiving services available