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HomeServices Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT): TrueFocus Gen 1.5

The TrueFocus™ Gen. 1.5 upgrade builds on the proven zonal capabilities found in the Shawcor InFocus system with newly implemented software and mechanics.

TrueFocus Gen 1.5 - Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems

TrueFocus uses the latest in phased array technology combined with advanced pulse-echo technology and time of flight diffraction (ToFD) to provide the most flexible inspection solution available. By combining zonal discrimination methodology together with ToFD, linear and sectorial scanning, SPS provides a proven inspection solution to the pipeline industry. The combination of sophisticated instrumentation and software is central to SPS' philosophy of "Total Weld Inspection".

  • DNV Qualified for J and V bevel configurations
  • Automatically Size and disposition welds
    • Automation applies project specific ligament and integration rules for defect sizing.
    • Software compares defect sizes to acceptance criteria automatically
    • Ensures consistent evaluation between crews and shifts
    • Reduces interpretation time
  • Post Scan Soft Gain
    • Ability to add digital gain after scan completion; mitigating any need to rescan weld
  • Future Proof
    • Next generation software with improved tools has been designed to incorporate flexible software updates
    • Modular platform is designed with easily upgradable ultrasonic hardware
  • Reduced upfront JP&E timeline
    • Automated production of calibration block drawings
    • Automated production of procedures and set-up files
  • Quicker Automated Calibration Process
    • Crew and equipment mobilize closer to production start
  • Linear and Sectorial Scanning
    • Improved resolution and ligament assessment of near surface flaws
  • Automated Reporting
    • Automatically generates AUT & Daily Master Calibration reports to reduce manual input
    • Searchable weld database
  • High Temperature Application
    • Scanning possible at temperatures up to 90°C.
  • Accept or reject based on Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA)
  • 40 mm/s scan time (pipe configuration dependent) 


New pipeline construction
  • External girth weld inspection for pipe OD 2" - 48"+
  • External ERW/SAW long seam inspection
  • Fabrication inspection

Shawcor Pipeline Services Offshore has performed over 10 million weld inspections to date and our company has become synonymous with the most advanced AUT technology offering in the market.

We offer true high-definition, high-resolution systems with focused transducers and phased array methodology. We work closely with customers and other industry leaders to develop inspection techniques that allow for industry leading accuracy of flaw and ligament sizing.

SPS uses an innovative adaptation of ultrasonic testing fundamentals and ultrasonic transducers that result in real-time interpretation and immediate feedback for the welding process. This allows for greater controls on the welding process and improved pipeline integrity.