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Shawcor Supports Huntsville High School Robotics Club

Posted by on February 03, 2020 1:10:57 PM

Shawcor Supports Huntsville High School Robotics Club
Shawcor Supports Huntsville High School Robotics Club

January 2020 - The Shawcor team in Huntsville, Ontario recently visited the local high school and reviewed the robot design and building process developed by the students.

“We discussed with the high school how we could partner with them for the 2020 Robotic Competitions. The high school presented their needs for the upcoming competitions to our engineering and management representatives. We are excited to partner with them in developing the latest robotics technology and assisting the students to learn in a fun environment,” said Dean Bennett, Plant Manager – Western Hemisphere at Canusa-CPS, Shawcor.

The competitions entail robots picking up, transporting and shooting balls into predetermined targets, while combatting other teams’ robots. In addition to assisting in the specific purchasing of parts, Shawcor has committed to providing engineering mentorship, provision of heat-shrink tubing from our Connection Systems Group, and financial support for registration costs for the competitions.

Our Engineering team recently checked in on the robotic team’s progress recently. David Sinton, one of the students, presented the design requirements, competition strategy and build progress to date. The high school team is led by Head Teacher Ian McTavish, who provides the students with exceptional opportunities to further their interests in this innovative technology.Huntsville High School Instagram

McTavish commented, "last year our team made it to the quarter finals at the Ontario Provincial Championship. One of the areas we identified for improvement was our drivetrain. Thanks to Shawcor, we will be going into competition with shifting gearboxes, providing better defense in combats with other teams, which will make us competitive with teams in larger cities."

The Huntsville High School communications office recently posted a group photo on their Instagram account, thanking the Shawcor team for our community involvement with students and support of the robotics design and process. The team is now preparing for their competitions in the Muskoka region and beyond, as they progress through the stages of the competition. Teams progress through regional, district, provincial competitions and then onto world championships in Detroit.

Huntsville High School received the Spirit Award last year at the provincial competition, which celebrates extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit through exceptional partnership, teamwork and sportsmanship – a credit to the team’s leadership.

The robotics group provide a tremendous platform for the students to utilize technical skills, project management techniques and teamwork in an environment of learning new technologies.

Shawcor in Huntsville are proud to be able to further integrate with the local community, assist the Robotics team and we look forward to attending the upcoming competitions.

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