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First project with LotusFlo(TM) successfully completed

Posted by on November 27, 2019 9:45:00 AM

First project with LotusFlo(TM) successfully completed
First project with LotusFlo(TM) successfully completed

Shawcor has successfully completed the first industrialized project with LotusFloTM, a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating technology designed for flow assurance purposes.

The Shell Vito deepwater project was awarded in Q4 2017. The scope consisted of coating the internal diameter of 5 wells, 72,000 ft of tubulars, to be installed in Gulf of Mexico, approximately 150 miles southeast of New Orleans.

Following the award of the project, Shawcor mobilized its first state-of-the-art LotusFloTM plant at our existing location in Channelview, Texas. The plant is strategically located to primarily serve the Gulf of Mexico market needs. Project coating works started in Q4 2018 and was completed in July 2019, deploying approximately 8500 manhours with no safety incidents during plant mobilization, commissioning or production.

The LotusFloTM process is based on a unique and patented DLC coating formulation. This hydrophobic, ultra-thin internal coating is designed to reduce and possibly eliminate deposition of scale, asphaltenes and wax on tubular surfaces, that would lead to less deferment, workovers, wax scraping & chemical injections, and could lead to significant operational savings.

Today, Shawcor is among the first companies to industrialize and produce a DLC product on a large scale. To find out more, please visit the product’s page on our website.


Fig. 1: The Channelview facility offers six coating lines to serve GoM and the near markets.



Fig. 2: A water droplet in oil on a LotusFloTM coated surface with a contact angle above 155 deg. 


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