High Definition RealTime Radiography

An Ideal Replacement for Conventional Radiography Testing!

We're excited to bring you the latest innovation in Radiography! Shaw Pipeline Services (SPS) is the leading service provider of High Definition Real Time Radiographic (HDRTR) inspection of pipeline girth welds. HDRTR uses advanced x-ray generation and detection technology to produce true Real Time Radiography where the x-ray image is displayed, analyzed and digitally stored as the image is being captured. With the highest resolution, faster cycle times, immediate results and no impact on the environment.

HDRTR is available from Shaw Pipeline Services in two basic configuration: Fully External Double Wall Single Image and Internal Crawler based Single Wall Single Image systems. Both systems use single or twin head detection systems that eliminate x-ray film costs, film chemicals and the need for a darkroom. Radiographic images are acquired and interpreted in real-time then archived to a database for storage of the inspection reports.

HDRTR not only represents a breakthrough in performance but also provides for a reduction in total inspection costs through increased productivity and no consumables compared to conventional radiographic testing. With state of the art equipment and highly trained Technicians, SPS continues to be the premier provider and industry leader in NDT services.

High Definition Real Time Radiography (HDRTR-DWSI)

Fully external system featuring patented advanced x-ray generation and detection technology. Ideal for inspection of tie-in welds, piggy back lines, use in pipe spool yards, in-service inspection applications and where an internal radiation source is difficult to employ.

High Definition Twin Head Real Time Radiography (HDRTR-SWSI)

Twin head detector system which operates in conjunction with an internal crawler. Used for inspection of main-line welds, both onshore and offshore, in pipe spool yards, and in-service inspection applications.

High Definition Large Diameter Real Time Radiography (HDRTR-LD SWSI)

An internal crawler equipped with a patented orbiting head x-ray tube synchronized with an advanced detection system. Utilized for inspection of: Large diameter 24” – 56” main-line welds (Both onshore and offshore), and pipe fabrication yards and in-service inspection applications.