Company Profile

Shaw Pipeline Services is a division of ShawCor Ltd., a growth oriented, global energy services company specializing in technology-based products and services for the pipeline and petrochemical sectors, as well as other industrial markets. ShawCor has established a dominant position in its markets through an unwavering focus on global growth, flawless execution, technological innovation and organizational excellence.

ShawCor operates through ten divisions:

ShawCor’s dynamic growth is supported by four business strategy pillars:

Global Leadership

More than 70 manufacturing and service facilities in over 15 countries give ShawCor unrivalled proximity to every major energy producing region.

Superior Execution

The industry’s most advanced continuous improvement program helps us execute complex customer projects safely, on-time and on-budget, providing superior customer satisfaction.

Technological Innovation

Continuing research and development of market-leading, proprietary technologies has created a powerful competitive advantage.

Organizational Excellence

ShawCor is becoming a high-performing organization in which everyone is aligned and motivated to advance the Company’s strategies for growth.

Shaw Pipeline Services (SPS) is the global industry leader in high-definition automated ultrasonic and high-definition real-time radiographic non-destructive testing (NDT). Our ultrasonic roots began in the 1970’s, inspecting electric resistance welded (ERW) pipe seams for Canadian and US pipe mills. In the late 1990’s, we pioneered an automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) system to enable faster and more accurate weld inspection. SPS technologies and processes are now considered industry standards for quality and accuracy.