High Definition Automated Ultrasonic Testing Systems

Two Proven Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) systems for complete inspection of pipeline girth welds

Shaw Pipeline Services (SPS) and Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) have become synonymous after more than 30 years and over five million welds. AUT technology has advanced to true high definition and high resolution, featuring focused transducers as well as phased array methodology.

SPS continues to work closely with industry leaders to develop inspection techniques that exceed industry specifications as well as continuing to develop the engineering critical assessment approach to weld evaluation and defect sizing. SPS uses an innovative adaptation of ultrasonic testing fundamentals and ultrasonic transducers that result in real-time interpretation and immediate feedback for the welding process. This feedback allows for greater controls on the welding process which results in greater pipeline integrity.

High Definition Hybrid Phased Array (HDHPA)

Utilizing the latest in phased array technology combined with advanced pulse-echo techniques and Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD) to provide the most flexible inspection solution available today. This combination of advanced instrumentation and software is central to Shaw Pipeline Services' Total Weld Inspection philosophy, which results in the highest accuracy, resolution and repeatability in the industry. Software control of waveforms and angles allow for quick change-overs for projects with multiple wall thicknesses or weld bevel designs.

High Definition Automated Ultrasonic Testing (HDUT)

This system incorporates focused probe pulse-echo technology augmented with Time of Flight Diffraction. The combination of pulse-echo and ToFD ensures that the technician captures and analyzes a complete set of inspection data for a fast and accurate assessment of the weld.